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Look, it’s about 400 pages and it’s on Amazon as an eBook, and you can buy it from the Kindle Store for almost nothing and it’s autobiographical but it reads like fiction, and it’s erotic (and sexually explicit) – and you don’t need to be a Kindle user to read it. You buy it. It goes onto your bookshelf on a server somewhere. You log onto Amazon and then Amazon’s Cloud Reader, and voila! You can read it. Anywhere in the world. Anytime. And the great thing is that there are no physical copies lying around the house (which in my house would be considered a very good thing) for your wife, partner, girlfriend, carer, best mate, blah, blah, blah, to find.

Somewhere on the jan van blog I explain how to access the Cloud Reader

A cover which isn’t very enticing? Yeah. I get that. If you visit prostitutes and you’re happy, fine. If you visit and you want to compare experiences, fine. If you’re female and you want an insight into male sexuality, it will probably work for you. If you’re a sex bitch who likes erotic literature, yeah, it has your name on it.