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Look, why would you want to read about a man fucking his way through the red light district in Amsterdam’s De Wallen. Okay, I’ll give it a go. 1) It’s erotic. 2) It’s informative. 3) It’s about relationships and how they develop. 4) It’s not what you’d expect. 5) There’s this whole thing about what it was like the first time, how it develops and how it is now. 6) It’s life (someone’s life, and how it unfolded. 7) What the fuck’s wrong with you? How many reasons do you need?

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What the fuck? Am I your nanny?

Clue: somewhere on the janvanderdamm blog I explain.

P.S. Are you really agonising over $5 for a 400 page book? Bloody hell!!!

Look, The Diaries covers the last few years but the truth is that the cost/price of AmDam sex hasn’t changed for more than a decade (the financial crisis of 2008 put paid to that). So what do you get for your money? At the door it’s €50 Suck and Fuck (2007 and 2017). And mostly, that’s what you get. If that’s what you want, you’re absolutely right to do your version of Baby Driver around my pitch. Actually, theres a lot to recommend it. Indeed, I recommend it. You’re in ‘dam for a couple of days and you don’t know which way is up. But it really doesn’t matter. She’s cute. You’re horny (or just in the right place at the right time). It works. If you come again (no pun intended), maybe you’ll look me up. Meanwhile, hope you found something useful on your detour to this  and the janvan site, even if it’s only the visuals scattered over the pages. Bless.

And if you’re a female reader, what you have is questions. I get that.