Why hide? Why no photos? And what’s Smaith got to do with it?

Good questions.

OK, the reason I might keep a low visual profile is because the world is full of warped (really), moralising, self righteous, sex-repressed (mostly religious and feminist), bigots who would nail me to a barn door if they could (they are against prostitution but see crucifixion in a positive light).

I Googled myself the other day and discovered images of some guys who also appear to go by the name Marcus Segretto. I say ‘appear to go’ because maybe they don’t even know that their images are on the Internet with someone else’s name attached. That was a surprise because when I created me a year or two ago I checked that I was the only Segretto-Child on the planet. I don’t care about that (another Segretto, I mean, or even ten Segrettos) but I wouldn’t want some poor innocent to be painted with my dirty brush. Those guys are not me. My photo, Segretto or otherwise, is not on the Internet (from time to time I check just to make sure). So, if you see a ‘real’ photo of someone called Marcus Segretto, it ain’t me (and I ain’t him). However, it was fucking funny. It never occurred to me while I was putting up themasterdamdiaries  on the Internet that there would be guys out there who tried to claim the kudos (of you know what). So, if you have a mind to post pictures of yourself as Marcus Segretto, that’s cool with me.

How did I come up with the name? I was doing stuff on the Sinternet and strumbled across the sexpression Gabinetto Segreto. It’s Italian and means Secret Cabinet. I thought that a nom de plume (French) based on the notion of a secret was a little bit cool. Unfortunately, some other dude had snagged the name Segreto for email, etc. So what next? Add a ‘t’, that’s wot!!!  Put another way, Segretto is a completely manufactured, artificial name (it’s like taking the name Smith and changing it to Smaith in order to make it unique (Google the name Smaith and see). So it’s interesting to find a few Marcus  Segrettos out there, don’t you think? Whatever, go for it!


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